A pilot since 1987, Zemon’s desire for a new airplane to replace his 1968 Piper Arrow began in 2006. “Stuff was wearing out [and] I wanted to replace all the mechanical stuff with modern electronic doodads.” Arrow-compatible glass “cost well into five figures, and I was simply unwilling to put that kind of money in a 40-year-old airplane. That started me noodling on the problem of what I would rather have and how I could get it.”

The BD-17 strikes one very much to be a flying jet ski. Yes, there are many larger boats available to the fisherman or pleasure-boater, but if you just want to go fast and have fun on the water, it is hard to beat a single-seat jet ski. The BD-17 is much the same, a single-seat airplane that you strap on and—burning just a couple of gallons an hour—go and explore the neighborhood from the air.

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Sebring, FL   January 23-26 2019

|Booth N203|


April 2th-7th 2019

|Booth N-004|


   Oshkosh, WI  July 22-28 2019

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