900 miles


191 mph


1150 lbs

max cllimb

1700 fpm

*The BD-4C, as a 4-place 2400-Lb. gross airplane, currently exceeds the required standards

for the “Normal” FAA certification category. As a 2-place plane, it exceeds the required standards for the “Aerobatic” category. However, this design is not certified, and is intended only for construction and operation as an amateur-built aircraft.

BD-4C Selected Dimensions and Capacities:

Wing Span

26.20 feet


Folded Wingspan:

7 feet


Height (tricycle gear):

7.23 feet



22.60 feet


Landing Gear:

Fixed tricycle or tail wheel configuration.


Cabin Width:

46 inches


Cabin Length:

103 inches


Fuel Capacity:

51 to 80 gallons


Ultimate G Load Limits*

BD-4C @ 2000 Lb. gross:

 Positive 6.3 G, Negative 6.3 G.


BD-4C @ 1400 Lbs. gross:

Positive 9 G, Negative 9 G.