After several years of planning and preparation we are thrilled to announce the creation of the BD-22L. A true light sport aircraft in every sense of the word. Massively strong, superbly powered, easy to build, operate, maintain and all at an affordable price.


  We set ourselves the challenge of designing a light sport with the widest cabin in the industry, state of the art avionics options, an airframe capable of withstanding almost any level of force a pilot can throw at it. Add to that a choice of tried and test powerplant options and a price tag that will leave you wondering why you ever looked at anything else. The BD-22 has literally encompassed all that Light Sport was intended to be when the category was initially created.


  With only 400 parts to assemble and a new builder assist facility available in Florida, we aim to have a finished aircraft out of the hangar and in the air in less than 200 or so hours. We have accomplished this by keeping things simple and exploring ALL the options for our customers.


 Please call and ask for a briefing on options so you can start to build your perfect airplane today!

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